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Integrate Your Special Needs into Billworx 6, Adding To Your Bottom Line

Although Billworx 6 is an extremely comprehensive billing system, your company may have specific needs that involve changes or customizations to the most common business practices.  Most minor customization can usually be accommodated through custom programming. With Billworx 6 your custom programming is fully supported and maintained.

With nearly all medium and small billing services and collection agencies there will be little need to utilize our custom programming to change Billworx 6.  Our billing system has been growing and expanding for over 10 years, covering a wider and wider range of client types and situations.  Now, with coverage in all 50 states and clients from all aspects of the medical and collection industry, Billworx 6 has built-in flags and options that will allow you to completely personalize most basic and advanced billing options without the need for any customized programming.

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