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Remote User Access for Secure, Off-Site Operations

Billworx 6 comes fully integrated to allow for remote user access. With Billworx 6 your users will be able to work from home or while away from the office by using either standard dial-up or "always-on" Internet connections.

Remote user access is extremely secure and HIPAA compliant.  It requires complete identification and verification. Once the remote user has been identified they can be treated as a normal user, with access to all their usual functions. Remote users can also be treated as a special, restricted user.

Remote users' access can be restricted or limited to specific functions. This can allow your company to provide limited access to other companies or individuals for specific purposes, such as remote use of the Billworx 6 scheduler, for home-based employees or for a variety of limited, remote data entry projects. Removal or suspension of access privileges for an individual remote user is simple and secure.

For companies with multiple work-sites, Billworx 6's remote access can greatly simplify your hardware and reduce your networking costs. If your company operates within several geographic locations, Billworx 6's integrated remote access will allow all of your data to be maintained and stored at a single secure site. This will greatly increase your data security while reducing the complexity of your company's network.

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