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Paperless Archiving Saves Your Business Time and Money

The Billworx 6 Medical Billing System provides a completely paperless solution. All reports within Billworx 6 are archived for review as well as on-demand printing. By allowing you access to a complete online historical archive, your company will not be forced to store any system-generated reports, knowing that these can be printed at any time.

In addition, Billworx 6 allows for the import of externally generated computer files of nearly any type, including scanned images, sound files and other multi-media files.  These documents can be placed into patient or customer files easily, allowing for quick and easy reference without the need to locate the original.  These 'attached' files can be printed or otherwise exported from Billworx 6 at any time.

By allowing your staff access to all Billworx 6 generated output as well as easy access to your 'attached' files, your company will save on long-term storage of daily or periodic reports, EOMBs, correspondence and other paper documents and computer files. The built-in archives and online document attachment are simple to use and they save time and aggravation when retrieving needed documents. Your archives and attachments are included within Billworx 6's nightly backup of your entire database for complete safety, providing you peace of mind that only comes from the certainty that your data is totally secure.

Our paperless system is just one of many examples of how we have implemented the suggestions of our clients and helped them to meet their needs. By listening to and working with our clients, we have developed a billing solution that is complete and will meet your needs as well.

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