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Flexible Report Writer

Limitless customized reports are available with Billworx's Report Writer. You will be able to create, describe and save reports that your staff can access at any time. You will have the ability to create a fully customized report for almost any need.

The Report Writer will give you the control and flexibility you need to generate a wide variety of reports. The Report Writer consists of two separate pieces: the Qualification (what must be true about the patient - i.e. Only patients with a certain CPT code last June that was covered by Medicare Primary) and the Print format (what data do you want the report to show - i.e. Print a full itemization of all the qualifying invoices). Any Print format can be combined with any one of your Qualification sets to produce a seamless report. The Report Writer will allow you to easily create the report that you need, from the simplest to the most detailed.

Report Writer output can be emailed to providers or other users, printed or reviewed on-screen. Each report can be given a lengthy description that will display for your staff, outlining whatever you feel your staff should be aware of about the report. This description displays each time the report is accessed, prior to the report being generated. Your customized reports can also be configured to have their output archived for a permanent online and printable historical record.

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