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Electronic Claims Filing using Billworx Network

Using the Billworx Network you will be able to easily submit claims electronically in all 50 states, to any and all insurance companies - more than 3,000 payers! With our HIPPA compliant claims clearing network you will be sending your e-claims immediately upon signup, with no delays for those carriers not requiring special paperwork. Fully supported claim types include Medical ("Professional"), Hospital ("Institutional") and Dental, with additional support for most custom claim types such as anesthesia, ambulance billing and durable medical equipment.

Our customers can also take advantage of automated ERA integration using the Billworx Network.  Payments will be loaded into Billworx 6 automatically for those carriers providing payments electronically. Billworx 6 provides total integration of all e-claims, responses from carriers and ERA data, clearly showing all claim history within each patient chart for easy review and re-filing.

Filing claims using the Billworx Network provides you with an inexpensive high-speed means of claim submission with extensive front-end editing for claim accuracy. When problems with your claims cause rejection or incomplete payment Billworx 6 can be configured to update your patient files to reflect the new information.  Billworx 6 can even place the patient's invoice within a work queue for automated follow-up by your staff.

With Billworx Network you are guaranteed the fastest and most accurate payment return rate for that carrier, while saving your staff considerable time and lowering your expenses. By sending all possible insurance claims electronically, your company can greatly reduce the amount of time spent monitoring lengthy print jobs, wear and tear on your printers, reduce your postage costs, as well as reduce the amount of insurance claim stock your company needs to keep on-hand.

Claim filing costs are only $0.21 per claim ($0.15 for ERA) with no minimums or sign up costs, and discounts are available based on volume. ERA integration is available for most major payers.

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