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Comprehensive Patient and Insurance Aging

Aging information is vital in helping the office manager determine whether the company's billing practices are effective, or if changes in follow-up or billing are required. Billworx 6's nightly aging reports will give your company a complete look at your receivables from many different perspectives.

Billworx 6 ages all accounts on a nightly basis, generating three separate aging reports for each active practice. These reports are archived each night and always available for on-demand printing or online review. Each report shows patients' balances in the following aging ranges: 0-29 days, 30-59 days, 60-89 days, 90-119 days, 120-149 days and 150 days or more.

The first aging report details all amounts due that are still pending insurance payments. These are invoices that have been filed, re-filed, are currently in dispute or have not otherwise been assigned as the patient's responsibility. The amounts are aged from the original insurance filing date, regardless of any claim re-filing, giving you a more accurate picture of each insurance carrier's responsiveness.

The second aging report allows you to see the aging of all unpaid amounts that have been assigned as the patient's responsibility. The patient aging is from the date the amounts were assigned to the patient. This can be multiple days for a single invoice if, for instance, the patient ends up with both a co-pay and then it is later determined that there is a deductible amount for the services rendered. For patients without insurance coverage for the service date, the charged amounts are automatically assigned as patient's responsibility.

The third and final nightly aging report covers all amounts due, regardless of insurance coverage or patient responsibility. This report ages all accounts from the date of service, allowing you to see a complete, daily receivables picture for all separate and active practices.

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