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Defining Billworx 6 Users

Full Users: These users are capable of performing any function allowed within Billworx 6 - both from within your office as well as from remote locations.  Although each Full User could perform any function or operation within Billworx 6, your management team will have the ability to create and assign Security Profiles to each user, specifically outlining which options the user can and which options the user cannot access.

Lite Users: These users are restricted from modifying most Billworx 6 data, including entering or editing any billing data.  However, they are able to fully navigate and view all data within Billworx 6, utilize the online Scheduler and run and print reports.  As with Full Users, your management team will be able to assign specific Security Profiles to these Lite User, defining exactly what each of the users is allowed to access and view.

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